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  1. Step 1: Caller Information

  2. Your Name(REQUIRED FIELD)
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    Please enter your name or the Director On Call

  3. Your Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)(REQUIRED FIELD)
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    Phone number you can be reached at

  4. Your Email Address(REQUIRED FIELD)
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  5. The Mortuary your are placing the First Call for?(REQUIRED FIELD)
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  1. Step 2: Decedent Information

  2. Please select the type first call you are requesting:(REQUIRED FIELD)
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  3. If you have chosen "OTHER" as your First Call Type, please elaborate:
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  4. The Decedent Name?(REQUIRED FIELD)
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    First Middle Last

  5. Decedent Date Of Birth? (OPTIONAL)
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  6. Name of the Facility if not Residential?
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  7. Decedent Address? (STREET ,CITY, STATE- ZIP if available)(REQUIRED FIELD)
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    Address where decedent is located. Include floor and room number if this is a facility.

  8. Primary Phone Number? (xxx-xxx-xxxx)(REQUIRED FIELD)
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    The Primary Phone number at the location of the deceased

  9. Alternate Phone Number? (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
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    An Alternate Phone number at the location of the deceased

  1. Step 3: Final Information, Special Notes and Or Instructions:

  2. Do you have a Release for this decedent if necessary?(REQUIRED FIELD)
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  3. If you do have a relese for the decedent, please upload here. (PDF or JPG only)
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  4. The Approximate Weight of the Deceased? (in lbs.)
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  5. Are their any stairs or steps?
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    If available, please let us know if there are any stairs or steps going into or within the decedents location and if so, how many.

  6. Please include any special notes or instructions that we need to be made aware of:
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  7. Please Enter the following characters so that we may validate this as a LIVE call:(REQUIRED FIELD)
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  8. Once you are ready to submit your first call, please click on the SUBMIT button. ONLY ONCE PLEASE.
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